In the first half of 2020, under the shadow of COVID-19, the global economic situation has been sluggish. This is a head-on blow for export-oriented companies. Since the company resumed work at the end of February, it has overcome numerous difficulties, tapped its internal potential, sought benefits


Jun 2020

Wish You a safe and healthy Dragon Boat Festival

Wish You a safe and healthy Dragon Boat FestivalThe Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, also known as May Festival. There are customs such as eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, carrying sachets, hanging Acorus and wormwood, tying five colored silk threads, and racing d


Jun 2020

Live Video of online Canton Fair

The live broadcast of Zhongneng Vehicle group online Canton Fair is in progress. The live broadcast team is methodical and stick to their posts. They are on duty until 2 a.m. every day. Like them!


Jun 2020

Leaders of Municipal Reform Office and Cluster area come for investigation

On June 17, Shao Xuanhao, deputy director of the Reform Office of the Municipal Party Committee, led a group of personnel to Zhongneng Vehicle Group to carry out the "three services" activity and enter the enterprise to help solve the practical problems in development. Jiang Zhiming, director of the


Jun 2020

Live broadcast of spring 2020 online Canton Fair officially starts

With the opening of the 127th China online Canton Fair, the live broadcast of Zhongneng Vehicle group online Canton Fair officially started on June 15, and will be broadcast on Facebook simultaneously.After full preparation and rehearsal in the early stage, Zhongneng live team has been able to coope


Jun 2020

The live rehearsal of online Canton Fair is in progress in spring 2020

On June 2, the first live rehearsal of the online Guangzhou Fair of Zhongneng Vehicle Group was held in the live room of the exhibition hall on the first floor of the administrative building. Yang Enhua, general manager of foreign trade company, led all the anchors to be in place on time, and all th


May 2020

ZNEN won the title of "Top 30 Export Enterprises in Chinese motorcycle industry in 2019".

China Motorcycle chamber of Commerce issued official document on May 22, 2020, based on numbers of statistical indicators such as the export volume in 2019, ZNEN was selected into " Top 30 Export Enterprises in Chinese motorcycle industry in 2019". This is the second time since 2018 that ZNEN


Feb 2020

Hard core measures for anti epidemic! "Zhi'an assistant" helps to resume work and production

Recently, the public security branch of Taizhou Bay cluster took the initiative to come to our company, upgraded the "intelligent safety assistant" module, helped the enterprise return to work safely, and realized both epidemic prevention and return to work. Due to the novel coronavirus ep


Jul 2019

The First Beer Carnivals

In order to celebrate the successful completion of the company's mid-year sales tasks and create a happy and harmonious working atmosphere for the employees, the "first beer Carnival of Zhongneng Vehicle" kicked off in the staff canteen amid the crashing sound of wine glasses and enthusiastic c


Mar 2019

Distributing agreement in Georgia

OverviewIn January 20, 2019, ZNEN successfully signed distributing agreement with LTD "BRANO" ID:405220728 (ADDRESS: ANNA POLITKOVSKAIA STR. 10E Tbilisi, Georgia), Which will be our official representative by the brand “ZNEN” in Georgia.

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