Since 1988,   Drive to freedom !
Time flies, like a song. Zhongneng Vehicle Group (ZNEN) was established in June 1988. From humble beginnings as a small factory in a village, the company has grown leaps and bounds and has developed into a large-scale manufacturer of large displacement motorcycles, scooters, and new energy motorcycles. It has integrated research & development, manufacturing, and domestic and international marketing, and has established a modern industrial park covering an area of 230,000 square meters in the Taizhou Bay cluster. We are constantly innovating and are persistently and wholeheartedly pursuing our original goals. 

Over the past 30 years, a group of passionate entrepreneurs possessing great vision put their blood and sweat into building and taking this company to new heights. This journey of three decades has seen the sparks of innovation grow brighter as this group of dedicated entrepreneurs overcame every difficulty and blazed new trials, and worked with the spirit of “never letting go of our ideals even if we were to die a thousand times.” After having undergone a baptism by fire in the market, we have worked hard to develop several highly successful independent brands such as the distinguished motorcycle brand "ZNEN", the innovative scooter brand "MOTOWIN", and the new energy electric vehicle brand "MODEN". 

“The mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools”—Confucius.

Throughout its history, Zhongneng Vehicle Group has conscientiously pursued excellence. At present, we have a well-equipped engine factory, vehicle assembly factory, highly automatic frame stamping and welding factory, dust-free coating factory, and a cable workshop, with an annual output capacity of more than 1 million vehicles and engines. 

Through our exploration and development, we have meticulously consolidated every step, grasped the latest trends, and seized every opportunity. We are like the Dapeng—the giant mythical bird, which beats the whirlwind and rises ninety thousand li, and we ceaselessly pursue our dreams. In October 2018, Zhongneng Vehicle Group made a strategic plan to acquire one of the top European motorcycle brand—MOTO MORINI, which has a history of nearly one hundred years and ranks among the best motorcycles in the world. This is the first time that a Chinese motorcycle company acquired an international world-class motorcycle brand using the 100% equity route, which caused quite a furor in the industry. Zhongneng Vehicle Group has now integrated its domestic research and Italian R&D centers to continuously absorb and optimize MOTO MORINI’s advanced technological achievements, and has established strategic cooperation with Brembo, Marzocchi and other top enterprises in China and Europe, to develop high-end 400 CC–1200 CC large displacement motorcycle products. The old factory in Milan Italy, and the exceptional craftsmen and motorcycle afficionados who have worked there for many years are eagerly looking forward to work together with their Chinese counterparts in creating a fusion of Chinese and Western cultures and marking the transformation and spectacular rebirth of MOTO MORINI as it rises like a phoenix.

From the time the company was established, the people of Zhongneng Vehicle Group have always been committed to building high-tech and high-quality products and a high-quality service team with the spirit of "dedication, perseverance, pragmatism and innovation". In the era of rapid technological innovation, the people of Zhongneng Vehicle Group have shouldered a historic mission of taking the company to new heights, as they overcome every crisis and difficulty together. At present, the company has 68 products with EU EEC certification and 52 products with US EPA certification, and has more than 20 independently developed patents. The "ZNEN" trademark has been registered in 32 countries around the world, and products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, with Europe and the United States accounting for more than 50% of the international sales. 

With the changing tides, Zhongneng Vehicle Group has remained steadfast in the water with immense courage, pride and ambition. The people of Zhongneng Vehicle Group have made “technology first and strive together" their motto, and are bearing an immense responsibility on their shoulders and building dreams together with the spirit of craftsmanship and unity. We are driving development with innovation, winning the future with quality and embracing the world with cooperation, as we write a new chapter in Zhongneng Vehicle Group’s history and creating an immortal legend along the way!

Development History of Zhongneng Vehicle Group

The founder, Mr. Chen Huaneng, founded Donghai Machinery Factory in Huangyan County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, to produce and sell machinery, fridge components and other products, and started the entrepreneurial journey.

Taizhou Zhongneng Photoelectric Co., Ltd. was established to manufacture lamps, electrical appliances and other products.

Changed the factory name to Zhejiang Zhongneng Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and began to export its own lamps and electronic products.

The business scope of the products began to involve motorcycle muffler, engine and motorcycle manufacturing.

Zhejiang Zhongneng Photoelectric Co., Ltd. changed its name to Zhejiang Zhongneng Motorcycle Co., Ltd., becoming a specialized motorcycle manufacturing enterprise. Moved into Xiaoxie Industrial Park, which covers an area of 42,000 square meters.

Taizhou Zhongneng Automobile Co., Ltd. was established and extended the business to the field of automobile production.
Registered and established Taizhou Zhongneng Motorcycle Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Zhongneng Motorcycle Co., Ltd. was renamed Zhejiang Zhongneng Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

Taizhou Zhongneng Import and Export Co., Ltd. was registered and established to independently export motorcycles and accessories.
Foshan Fosti Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established to produce and sell street motorcycles.
In the same year, the company successfully launched the first self-developed scooter "Znen King" and obtained EEC certificate. In the next year, one export order of this model exceeded 10,000 units, which opened the road of independent development of Zhongneng motorcycles.

Foshan Fosti Motorcycle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. obtained the national motorcycle production qualification. Foshan Fosti Import and Export Co., Ltd. was established.
Taizhou Zhongneng Motorcycle Co., Ltd. obtained the national motorcycle production access qualification.
Launched the self-developed model "Znen Zoom".

Launched the self-developed classic model "F8". Since then, a series of new models have been developed, including "Kangaroo" and "Roar".

Moved into Zhongneng Xinqiao factory, which covers an area of 86,000 square meters. The new model "F9" was launched.

Launched new self-developed models of “Revival”“Znen Q”“Legend”and “R8.
The electric vehicle company was established and began to enter the field of electric vehicles.

Zhongneng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. was registered and established, forming a large-scale group company integrating professional development, manufacturing , domestic and foreign marketing of vehicles.

Launched the self-developed classic model "Cruise"
Registered and established Moden Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongneng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. moved into the new industrial park of Taizhou Bay Agglomeration area. The new plant covers a total area of 230,000 square meters.

Launched the self-developed classic model“Veracruz”.
Zhongneng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. has successfully acquired Italian motorcycle enterprise Moto Morini with a history of nearly 100 years, and entered the field of large displacement motorcycles.

Moto Morini participated in the Eicma Exhibition in Milan for the first time with new products after being reorganized, and launched four new models of Superscrabbler, X-cape, Milano and Seiemmezzo(61⁄2), which won the attention and praise of European professional media and evaluators.

Zhongneng Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. has obtained the motorcycle production access qualification of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China.
Launched self-developed 16 inch big wheel scooter “Coral”.




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