Wish You a safe and healthy Dragon Boat Festival

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Wish You a safe and healthy Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, also known as May Festival. There are customs such as eating zongzi, drinking realgar wine, carrying sachets, hanging Acorus and wormwood, tying five colored silk threads, and racing dragon boats. They all have the meanings of dispelling disasters and pestilence, praying for peace and health.



We have two days off for the festival. The company prepared zongzi gift boxes for employees and sent them to everyone. According to the local custom of eating pancakes on the Dragon Boat Festival in Taizhou, at noon, the management staff distributed the pancakes to the employees in the canteen to let them feel the wishes of the festival. "When you are in a foreign land, don't get sick. Eat well and take care of yourself. If you are healthy, your family will be healthy." A safe and healthy festival is the best blessing.

At present, we are still in the normal stage under the epidemic prevention and control. I’d like to remind that you may be more cautious and restrained during the holiday. We may not be able to travel as usual or participate in various folk customs celebrations, but we can also enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival and find the cultural and spiritual connotation of this traditional festival. For example, a family at home, DIY zongzi, make colorful rope, tell children about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival, customs and the story of the patriotic poet Qu Yuan, so that the Dragon Boat Festival can better return to the tradition.

This year's Dragon Boat Festival, no matter you stay with your family or stick to your post and leave home thousands of miles, when zongzi is fragrant, our wish is the same in our heart: wish everyone a peaceful Dragon Boat Festival!





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