The live rehearsal of online Canton Fair is in progress in spring 2020

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The live rehearsal of online Canton Fair is in progress in spring 2020

On June 2, the first live rehearsal of the online Guangzhou Fair of Zhongneng Vehicle Group was held in the live room of the exhibition hall on the first floor of the administrative building. Yang Enhua, general manager of foreign trade company, led all the anchors to be in place on time, and all the broadcasters, photographers, technicians and other logistics service personnel attended. The group's executive deputy general manager Zhang Liwen is the field control guidance.

Because it is the first rehearsal, the whole live broadcast team is a little inexperienced and has a poor connection, but everyone is in high spirits and high morale. The presenters are in uniform and energetic. They take turns to play in pairs and introduce different products in English. As a whole, rehearsal is relatively smooth. Compared with the previous practice, we have made great progress in the psychological quality, mutual cooperation and control of the live broadcast process. Some of the presenters said with emotion that they would still forget their lines when they recited them clearly. This is not a small challenge for the foreign trade salesmen who are the first anchor to "bring goods". They go from offline sales behind the scenes to online live broadcasting at the front desk. It's not easy for them to learn live broadcasting knowledge, proficient in lines and familiar with the feeling of facing the camera after busy work. I believe that their condition will get better and better  through practice,.

After the rehearsal, Ms. Zhang led the live broadcast team to make a summary and discussion. In a circle, we make self-evaluation on individual performance, and make sure that the progress is insufficient. Mr. Yang said that the improvement of live broadcast level is obvious, but we need to further improve the script and strengthen the practice according to the actual situation. Finally, Ms.Zhang put forward more than 20 problems & suggestions from the aspects of the host's appearance, equipment debugging, picture connection, specific division of labor, logistics service, etc. in the whole live broadcast process, and implemented the responsibilities on site, expecting the quality of the next rehearsal to be better.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the Canton Fair was changed to live online this spring. Since the company received the notice from the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, it started up quickly in early May and made full preparations for the war. The company forms a preparatory group headed by deputy general manager Zhang Liwen, who coordinates with all departments and subsidiaries to arrange the shooting of the equipment, models, scripts and various promotional films required for live broadcasting, and designates the project leaders, and starts and advances together at the same time. After one month's efforts, we worked together to advance the war in an orderly manner, and the preparatory work was carried out item by item.

The online Canton Fair will officially start on June 15. The live broadcast team will continue to cooperate with each other to strengthen the drill and constantly improve the live broadcast level. We are looking forward to their wonderful performance!





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