The first Zhongneng Food Sharing Meeting ended successfully

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The first Zhongneng Food Sharing Meeting ended successfully

No matter how far the road to the future is, the most lingering thing is the taste of the family. The new year is approaching. On this occasion, in order to create a platform for employees to share the “home taste”, at the same time, enrich the leisure life of employees, to promote communications between employees of Zhongneng Vehicle Group, enhance friendship and team cohesion, create a warm and peaceful New Year atmosphere, and build a harmonious and positive corporate culture, Zhongneng Vehicle Group held the first Zhongneng food sharing meeting.

Food sharing is a big blessing for foodie, even if it rains, it can't stop the temptation of food. The crowds in the activity area are surging, is there also your figure? No matter if you come here today, follow the small series to see the hot and lively pictures!


As the year is approaching, Zhongneng Vehicle Group is our second home. Today, in this second home, the relatives of various departments have prepared a variety of foods for everyone, reflecting the strong regional characteristics, or hot and spicy, or fresh and sweet, each has its own flavor; the chefs of all departments are able to display their own cooking skills, conquer the staff and conquer the judges with meticulously placed dishes, delicious taste and warm service!

At the event site, the aroma of food is everywhere, it is simply a concentration camp for food, not only that, you think that only the chefs can play their talents? Do not! Our Zhongneng Vehicle Group has also designed six games for the staff. The employees use the game to interact and win the event vouchers to taste the food. In the game, Zhongneng people try their best to be active and win the lottery tickets. With a happy smile, the time of the game is limited, and many employees reluctantly leave the game.

The Zhongneng employees who participated in the food sharing meeting did not meet a good  weather, but the departments showed a lively scene of both supplying and selling. Even the judges who came to Zhongneng “Gourmet Street” encountered difficulties. 52 different dishes, each tastes delicious, difficult to distinguish, it is really difficult for the judges! After the judges ate a lot, they acknowledged the attitude of being responsible and selected ten foods as our “Chinese taste”. These ten foods are: fried dumplings of the cable workshop, Chuanshi pork of the assembly workshop, the Orleans toasted chicken wings of the finance department, Sichuan-style marinated dish of the domestic company, braised pork of the quality department, fried octopus of the R & D center, squirrel fish of the engine factory, walnut steamed egg of the overseas division, mutton soup of the frame factory, tomato burdock of the engine quality department.


The first food sharing meeting of Zhongneng Vehicle Group, the production and sales of each department are successful, but behind the success, it is inseparable, but the team's cohesiveness! In this food sharing event, the company only provides booths and water and electricity. Others are the positive results of various departments. Without the imagination and creativity of all employees in the department, the food of each department will not be perfectly produced and shared, it just reflects the working state of the Zhongneng people - active creation, making the impossible possible!

In this chilly season, the food is comforting and warm. Although the first food sharing meeting of Zhongneng Vehicle Group is over, the enthusiasm of the employees will not end. I believe that in the coming future, Zhongneng will definitely be able to Continue to work with full enthusiasm!

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