The 30th anniversary of Zhongneng Vehicle Group

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The 30th anniversary of Zhongneng Vehicle Group

      On the 30th anniversary of its establishment, the Company held a grand celebration themed "sharing the present, sharing the future - being grateful and having you along the way". Looking back on the past, being grateful for the present and imagining the future, Zhongneng people gathered together to celebrate the happy day, pour out their hearts, be proud of being a member of the company, and be proud of the brilliant achievements made by Zhongneng Vehicle in 30 years.

      The whole celebration consists of three parts: First is to commend 10-year, 15-year and 20-year-old employees and excellent employees; the second is to summarize the business situation in 2017 and the business objectives and development blueprint in 2018; and the third is various programs performed by employees of the company. The three parts are arranged and interleaved, which greatly increases the focus of the party.

      The venue of the celebration is No. 3 factory building in the company. The super standard LED screen, dancing beauty and lighting design have reached the standard of the evening party. The celebration adopts the scene design of "panoramic and interactive", and the combination of the stage and the  audience. The whole party was created and performed by Zhongneng people. Everyone tried their best. Some dances and skits were rehearsed by actors in two days. Although they were not professional, their simple and vivid performances won warm applause. The performers' singing are outstretched, dancing is natural, performing is lovely, self-confident and beautiful, showing the practical demeanor of Zhongneng people's courage to innovate.

During the ceremony, many employees of the company were commended on site, including Service Star, Sales Star, Excellent Star, 10-year dedication award, 15-year dedication award, 20-year dedication award, etc. The employees wearing the ribbon of honor came to the stage to receive the award in turn. The LED background screen played their ordinary looks in a circular way. Each audience was moved by the lovely faces. It was these ordinary and strong talents who accompanied the company along the way, worked hard and stood up bravely. The families of excellent employees also tell their stories with the company in VCR. How many tears and how many laughs, it is with their silent efforts and support behind them that employees can be like a screw in the company for years, glowing in ordinary posts, creating innovation. They are impetuous, unrepentant, dedicated to the company youth, in which they can fly their dreams.

     This celebration is a rare visual feast, which brings us more purification of the mind. We deeply feel that the enterprise spirit has been like a spring breeze, rooted in the heart of every employee and his family. This is the continuous driving force for the in-depth development and continuous innovation of the company.

 Chen Huaneng, chairman of the group, pushed the celebration to a climax. He said that looking back 30 years, all the achievements are the result of the hard work of all the family members of Zhongneng Vehicle. In the past 30 years, the brand management, market development, quality building, the standardization of the company have been comprehensively promoted and improved, and the Group has gone further and further in building a learning enterprise. Chen Huaneng mentioned that the development goal of the Group is not just IPO in the future, but to let more people through the platform of the company continue to learn, progress, fly over, serve the company and serve the society, and achieve the goal of common growth, sharing and creating the future of individuals and enterprises. As long as we work hard, as long as we are committed to the goal of a better life, our tomorrow will be more and more beautiful.

The chairman's speech was short but profound. He integrated the Entrepreneurship with the social responsibility of Zhongneng Vehicle, elaborated the values of the enterprise, and demonstrated the profound significance of people-oriented, harmonious sharing and value leading.

Finally, Chairman Chen Huaneng and some old employees of the company who have been with him for more than 20 years cut the cake together to celebrate and give employees the sweet taste of the progress. We believe that the tomorrow will be more brilliant!

The 30th anniversary celebration has come to an end, and a new journey is in sight. Looking up at the stars in the sky and looking out at the boundless sea, we can forge ahead with our dreams. We believe that we will be able to realize our dream in the future!





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