In the first week of 2019, what are the staff doing?

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In the first week of 2019, what are the staff doing?

     No matter how far we will go in the future, the most memorable is "the taste of home".

New year is coming. In order to create a platform for employees to share "family flavor", enrich their spare time life, enhance friendship, enhance team cohesion, create a warm and peaceful New Year atmosphere, and build a sunny, harmonious and positive corporate culture, Zhongneng Vehicle Group held the first food sharing meeting.

Food sharing will be a great benefit for foodie. The rainy days can't resist the temptation of food. The activity area is full of people. Are you also there? Whether you are here or not today, follow me to see the hot and warm scene!

With the coming of the new year, we will all miss home. The company is our second home. Today, in this big family, the relatives of all departments have carefully prepared colorful delicious food for everyone, which reflects the strong regional characteristics, or hot, or sweet, each with its own flavor; the chefs of all departments give full play to their own cooking skills, and conquer the staff and judges with elaborate setting, delicious taste and warm service!

The smell of delicious food is everywhere on the activity site, which is just a concentration camp for foodie. Do you think only chefs can play? No! We have also carefully designed six games for our staff. Through the interaction of the game, we can win the activity voucher to taste the delicious food. In the game, Zhongneng people try their best to break through the barriers and win lottery tickets. Their faces are full of happy smiles. Due to the limited time of the game, many employees are reluctant to leave the game scene.

The food sharing meeting was full of excitement, and the light rain also came to join in the activity. The chefs worked very hard in the rain, and the food of all departments showed the scene of prosperous supply and marketing, which made it difficult for the judges of "food street", 52 delicacies, each with beautiful taste and rich color, each with its own characteristics, are really inseparable! After the judges ate all the dishes, they took a serious and responsible attitude and selected ten delicacies as  "Zhongneng taste". These ten delicacies are: fried dumplings in the cable workshop, Sichuan teacher's twice cooked meat in the general assembly workshop, Orleans chicken wings in the financial department, Sichuan bittern in the domestic sales company, braised pork in brown in the quality department, fried hairtail in the R & D center, Squirrel Fish in the power workshop, and steamed egg with walnut of foreign trade company, mutton soup of frame factory, tomato and beef brisket of power quality department.

In the first food sharing meeting, the production and sale of the food of each department is successful, and behind the success, is the cohesion of the team! As the company only provides stalls, each department must prepare water and electricity, other utensils, materials and menus, all of which are the creativity of each department. Without the imagination and creativity of all employees in the Department, there will be no perfect resentation of these delicious food, which exactly reflects the working state of Zhongneng people - active creation, making impossible!

In this cold season, food brings comfort and warmth. Although the first food sharing meeting is over, the hearts of employees are hot. They will be full of enthusiasm and dedication, and continue to work hard for the future of the company!





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