Hard core measures for anti epidemic! "Zhi'an assistant" helps to resume work and production

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     Recently, the public security branch of Taizhou Bay cluster took the initiative to come to our company, upgraded the "intelligent safety assistant" module, helped the enterprise return to work safely, and realized both epidemic prevention and return to work. 

     Due to the novel coronavirus epidemic situation, there are 420 employees returning to work at present. It is a great pleasure to return to work. But the health and safety risks of the workers during the epidemic are also a major concern. Before returning to work, the "Zhi'an assistant" was upgraded online, which greatly improved the work efficiency of epidemic prevention and control, risk and hidden danger, and injected new acceleration into the company's smooth return to work.

     " Zhi'an assistant" is a set of enterprise management system independently developed by the cluster in 2019, which is one of the achievements of the construction of "smart Park". The system is connected with thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment, which can automatically collect temperature data without manual temperature measurement and paper registration. Directly call the interface to obtain the employee health code. The employee does not need to show the health code, but only needs normal attendance to complete the certification. The background of the system collects all kinds of data, forms health electronic files, automatically prompts people coming from high-risk areas of the epidemic, abnormal temperature, not applying for health code, red code and other situations, helps enterprises to master the physical condition of employees in real time, and timely follow-up to ensure that there is no risk.

     The application of the new module of "Zhi’an assistant" not only greatly improves the efficiency of epidemic prevention, but also solves the congestion caused by temperature measurement and health code presentation when workers go to work. Zhang Liwen, executive vice president of the company, said that after the online upgrade of the "Zhi’an assistant" was so easy to use, it really helped us a lot. Now when our employees go to work, they scan through the thermal imaging temperature measurement equipment at the entrance. The whole process only takes two seconds, one step is in place, and all kinds of data such as health code color, temperature data, personnel information are submitted to the backstage in real time. I can clearly understand the health status of employees everyday on the computer.

     Under the escort of intelligent management system of "intelligent safety assistant", We believe that the company's resumption of production will be carried out orderly.





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