Celebrate the national day and sing the dream of Zhongneng Vehicle

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Celebrate the national day and sing the dream of Zhongneng Vehicle

     On the arrival of National Day, in order to enrich the company's cultural activities, create a happy and harmonious working atmosphere for the employees, and show the positive spirit of the employees, on September 29, 2018, our company held the final of the third top ten singers competition of "sing the dream of Zhongneng Vehicle".

     In order not to delay work, the final will be held after work in the afternoon. After the dance association brings a wonderful opening dance, the final will start in a tense and orderly manner. The final is divided into three groups, with five players in each group. The order of the competition is determined by the players' drawing lots in advance. The judges will score according to the five aspects of the players' song selection, rhythm, timbre, intonation and stage performance. The final score is the average score after the highest score and the lowest score are removed.

     During the final, the contestants sang their best performance on the stage, and each song won the applause of the judges and the audience. Zhang Liwen, executive vice president of the company, watched the final, saying: in the process of rapid development of the enterprise, cultural activities are essential. Holding such an activity can let the employees who have dreams and pursuits give full play to their strengths and show their outstanding side.

     This activity enhanced the friendship between the employees, enhanced the cohesion of the department, and made the employees more confident. They can fly their youth and pursue their dreams in the company.





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