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Excellent Team Service
ZNEN MOTOR interprets the value of the society with unique service philosophy. Our experienced team provides a complete set of excellent services. We take "customer's satisfaction is the reproduction of our value" as service objective and "strive for the reputation of 101% customers' satisfaction" as our goal.

Sales team:
good at making marketing strategy; familiar with the characteristics of product structure and regional markets; know the market tendency well and can provide all-directional service for customers;

Order team:
amiliar with the internal production process, can coordinate and deal with various problems between the customers and production plant; serve the customers enthusiastically;

After-sales team:
track after-sales service; accept customers' complains; survey customers' satisfaction, etc. We will better serve the customers with improved team.

Planning team:
composed of senior planners, designers and market researchers to better serve for marketing, search for the latest news of the market, and formulate general sales strategy as well as build good image and advertise, etc,

Technology team:
composed of engineers to provide professional technical support, serve for the sales and order teams and acts as the link among the sales, order and production plant, these three parts; works as the consultant for the visiting customers and provides related technical service,

Production team:
the Group guarantees the core strength of quality product supply and build trust of professional managers who are of engineer origins; Quality is the life of ZNEN Group. Our products and services can meet customers' expectations by continuously improving technology. All of our products conform to the laws and regulations concerning environmental protection and safety.

Our mission is to meet customers' requirements with maximum satisfaction. The Group has always been customer-centered by understanding customers' expectations with dynamically developed view, and by continuous internal improvement, which involves all staff, products, processes and services and is reflected on the aspects of cost reduction, efficiency improvement and energy saving, etc.

Quality is the life. The Group has established perfect quality assurance and assessment systems. From the production planning, the determination of process equipments, to the equipment maintenance, from the entering of raw materials to the leaving of finished products, each procedure is under strict monitor. Meanwhile, we keep monitoring the sustained suitability, sufficiency and effectiveness of the quality control system to further improve it.

We pay great attention to prevention and process control, and try to make the Group a better high-quality enterprise by improving and optimizing process, and reducing the possibility of product defects. The motorcycle company affiliated to the Group has passed the national motor vehicle production admittance and comprehensively implemented ISO9001. Its products have passed 3C authentication and some have passed "E-MARK" and "EPA" identifications.

Development team:
composed of product experts, senior designers and vehicle test experts, can develop and design new products to meet the more humanized demands; ZNEN insist on developing its technology by absorption and independent development. After introduction, digestion, absorption and cooperated development, ZNEN Group has entered the construction stage of strengthening independent development. There are hundred millions of funds invested on new projects. By professional training and further talent introduction, ZNEN Group has now built a product R&D team of high-efficiency and high-quality. Meanwhile, the company has set up another technology center of a complete set of advanced equipments, which has provided reliable and powerful support for the development, test and inspection of new models. At present, the Group has constructed the development process including market research, product planning, modeling, layouts, simulations, structure design and trial production, and developed the independent development capability of overall vehicle including the body, engine, chassis and electronic appliances, etc. ZNEN has listed the R&D as one of the long-term development plans. We will guarantee that our products are "advanced, safe and environmentally-friendly" while focusing on the design and development of new products. We will distinguish humanization, comfort, improvement and innovation of our products to keep no distance with the world popular fashion.

Talents are fundamental to the long-term development of a company. Human resources are crucial to the stable increase of the company. ZNEN Group considers talents as the basis to the development of the company and pays great attention to the quality development of staffs. It has established staff comprehensive development system based on training, evaluation and incentives. In addition, it has provided multiple development roads for the staff, including specialists, technicians, reserve cadres and management personnel, etc. ZNEN has brought up many experts and senior technicians to expand the core talent team.
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